Terms and conditions

Straipu LLC OÜ, registry code 12687516, (hereinafter the Store Manager) and the client, who formalises an order in Straipu LLC’s managed online store www.straipu.com (hereinafter the Website) and identifies himself/herself by submitting his/her personal information (hereinafter the Client), agree on the following conditions:
Both contracting parties abide by the laws and legislations of the Republic of Estonia and as agreed in the Website’s Terms and Conditions.
Straipu has the right at any time to make changes in the offered services on the Website without notice.
Straipu has the right at any time to change the terms and conditions of the user contract without the obligation to notify the Client in writing via e-mail or by other means.
  1. Products and making purchases
1.1 All displayed Products may not be in stock all the time.
1.2 Every Product has a note if that product is in stock. If there is no price next to the Product, then the Product is not for sale.If the Product is not in stock at the present moment, the approximate date of dispatching of the Product will be shown.
1.3 The displayed product images on the Website are illustrative and may vary from the actual product.
1.4 Every Product is made and processed as a handicraft and therefore is not 100% identical. Due to the nature of the wood and handicraft, there may be differences in measurements. Oiling can cause the wood to act unforeseeably and the difference between different plywood layers can be up to 0.5 mm, and the wood “bristles” may become prominent. Such differences are not considered flaws.
1.5 All lamps are meant to be used in dry rooms IP00, unless marked differently next to the Product.
1.6 The Products are not meant to be used in high humidity rooms, for example in sauna, bathrooms, outdoors, etc.
1.7 The Product descriptions may not be entirely comprehensive and may include inadvertent mistakes.
1.8 The Client, who has picked out their desired Products must submit the required information (first and last name, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address, postal code and payment method) in order for us to be able to fill the order.
1.9 The Client is required to submit correct information, which is necessary to fill the order. When the Client has submitted incorrect information, the Store Manager is not responsible for not being able to fill the order or whatever consequences the incorrect information submission may cause.
1.10 In order to fill the order, the Client must make the full payment in advance for the Products. Prepayment invoice is also sent to the Client automatically via e-mail.
1.11 Products can be paid for via online banks (Swedbank, SEB, Danske Bank, Nordea Pank) or with a credit card.
1.12 Select the products and add to the basket;
1.13 Enter the buyer/client information;
1.14 Products weighing up to 250 g will be forwarded to the buyer/client as registered Maxi mail (More information in clause 4.2). 
1.15 Select the payment method.
1.16 Review the information and “Confirm order”;
1.17 Make the payment according to the previously made selection.
1.18 If you are on the www.straipu.comwebpage, select the products you wish to purchase and then enter all the necessary contact information. Then choose the bank link to make the payment. Before making the payment, please read the Terms and Conditions, then click “Confirm order”, after which you will be directed to the selected online bank to make the payment.
Bank links.Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Luminor, VISA, MASTER.
Straipu LLC OÜ is the personal data controller, Straipu LLC OÜ forwards the personal data necessary for making the payment to the data processor Maksekesus AS.
  1. Pricing
2.1All the Product prices on the Website are in euros.
2.2 The Store Manager has the right to change the prices at any time without notice.
2.3 If the prices are changed by the Store Manager after the Client has made the purchase, the Products will be delivered to the Client with the same prices as at the time of making the order. The Client has no right to claim compensation for the price differences.
  1. Shipping time and delivery conditions
3.1Orders made on the Website will be looked through on the same day and the goods are shipped according to the information next to the Product.
3.2 Products are delivered to Estonia, the European Union and rest of the world.
3.3 Products weighing up to 2 kg are shipped outside of Estonia as registered Maxi mail if the general volume of the product meets the registered Maxi mail requirements. All orders that weight more than 2 kg (gross) are delivered to the address provided in the order using courier services. According to the deadline indicated next to the Product and the Product availability. The Products will be handed over only to the Client. The Products are handed over to third persons only with a letter of authority.
3.4 Within Estonia, the goods are delivered using regular mail or registered Maxi mail.
3.5 Omniva OÜ is the shipping partner of Straipu LLC OÜ.
3.6 Average delivery time in Estonia is up to 7 working days. Outside of Estonia, the estimated delivery time is up to 21 working days.
  1. Cancellation before the purchase agreement is filled by the Store Manager
4.1If the Client chooses to withdraw from the purchase agreement after placing the order and before the order is filled, the Client is required to inform the Store Manager in written form or by phone (info@straipu.com or +372 50 16 407). The e-mail must contain the number of the order which the Client wishes to withdraw from and the Client’s contact information (first and last name, the date of order placement, telephone number).
4.2 If the Store Manager receives the notice of withdrawal after the order is filled, the Client’s rights to withdraw from the order will then abide by the ‘’Refund policy’’ chapter.
4.3 After the notice of withdrawal is accepted, the Client will be refunded within 14 days from the date of when the withdrawal notice is received.
4.4 The refund will be sent to the same bank account which was used to pay for the Products.
  1. Refund policy
5.1The Products purchased from the Website have a 14-day refund right.
5.2 The refund right does not cover the Products that are customised according to the Client’s wishes (added inscription, image).
5.3 The returnable Product must be without any defects, in original packaging and without any traces of use.
5.4 The Client will be refunded within 14 days after the Product is returned. The 14-day period starts from the day the Store Manager receives the returned product.
5.5 The refund will be sent to the same bank account which was used to pay for the Product.
5.6 The costs of transportation of the return will be covered by Straipu LLC to the extent of 10 euros, if it is due to Straipu LLC OÜ’s flaw.
5.7 If after the return it becomes evident that the returned Product does not meet the Terms and Conditions of the Website, the cost of the Product will not be refunded.
  1. Privacy policy and data protection
6.1The Client gives a full approval to allow personal information to be processed by the Store Manager.
6.2 When the order is placed, the personal information submitted by the Client will be added to the customer register and will be used to provide sales services, Product offers and goods deliveries to the Client.
6.3 The source of Client’s personal information is the formation of the customer relationship when the Client places an order on the Website.
6.4 The data that will be registered is the information the Client submitted when placing an order. That includes the Client’s first and last name, address (street, house or apartment number, city, postal code), telephone number, delivery method, method of payment.
6.5 Agreeing with the Terms and Conditions of the Website gives the Website the right to send sales offers to the Client’s e-mail.
6.6 The registered information is essential in order to deliver the Products to the Client.
6.7 The Store Manager is obliged not to share Clients’ personal information with third parties.
6.8 The Store Manager reserves the right to share the Client’s personal information with an individual only when it is necessary to fill the order and who has a legal right to do so or when it is necessary in protection of the Client’s life, health or freedom.
6.9 The Client has the right to demand that the personal information connected with the Client is erased from the register.
6.10 The Client gives the permission to the Store Manager to send an order confirmation letter to the Client’s e-mail address after placing the order.
6.11 The Client gives the permission to the Store Manager to send newsletters to the e-mail the Client submitted if the Client has marked the corresponding box on the order submission page.
  1. Terms of use
7.1The Client must read the Terms and Conditions of the User contract.
7.2 When placing an order and marking the obligatory corresponding box ‘’I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions’’, the Client agrees that he or she has read the Terms and Conditions, understands them and agrees with the Terms and Conditions.
  1. Complaints
8.1 If a Product is defected, the Client has the right to file a complaint within two years from the delivery of the Product. The complaint must be filed immediately but not later than 2 weeks after discovering the defect. In order to resolve possible complaints, the Client should keep the purchase documents (invoice, contract, etc.), which prove that the Products are purchased from the Website of Straipu LLC. Without purchase documents the Store Manager may leave the complaints unresolved.
8.2 Complaints can be made in relation to production or material defects.
8.3 The possible time to file a complaint starts from the date of the purchase.
8.4 Independent expertise – at the request of the Client, an additional independent expertise can be made with additional cost, when the Client is not satisfied with results of the expertise carried out by Straipu LLC.
8.5 The complaint will not be resolved when Straipu LLC proves that the defects occurred due to the customer’s fault.
8.6 If the Product which is the basis of the claim, is discontinued, Straipu LLC has the right to replace the Product with an equivalent with the Client’s consent.
  1. Guarantee and returning defected products
9.1The Store Manager is responsible for the Products that do not meet the requirements or defects that appear within two years since the Product is delivered to the Client.
9.2 Straipu LLC is not responsible for: defects caused by the Client; defects that are caused due to incorrect use of the Product; wear caused by normal use.
9.3 If the Products do not meet the requirements or if defects are discovered, the Client has the right to file a complaint on the Website https://straipu.com/kontakt/ within 1 month after discovering the defects. If the complaint notice is not filed within 1 month, the Client loses the right to use not meeting the requirements as a recourse.
9.4 If the Products do not meet the requirements or if the Products are defected, the Client has the right to request a replacement or withdraw from the order by returning the defected Product to the Store Manager, at the expense of the Store Manager.
9.5 In case of returning the defected Product, the refund (with the transportation cost) will be sent to the same bank account which was used to place the order. The refund will be sent within 30 days after receiving the request for withdrawal and return.
9.6 In addition to the rights fixed by “Guarantee and Returning Defected Products’’ the Client also has other legal rights set by the laws and legislations of the Republic of Estonia.
  1.  Liability and force majeure
10.1 The Store Manager is responsible to the Client and the Client is responsible to the Store Manager for the damages caused by violating the Terms and Conditions. Both contracting parties abide by and to the extent of the laws of the Republic of Estonia.
10.2 The Store Manager is not responsible for the damages or the delay of the Product delivery, which are caused by factors the Store Manager cannot control (force majeure).
  1.  Other conditions
11.1Unresolved issues will be resolved by following the legislations of the Republic of Estonia.
11.2 Product purchasing disputes will be resolved first and foremost by negotiations. In case of failure to reach an agreement, the Client has the right to go to the Tartu County Court or to the Consumer Protection Board in Estonia (Tarbijakaitseametin Estonian). Issues will be resolved by following the legislations of the Republic of Estonia.
Privacy and data protection conditions
  • All Client information learned in the process of the Client visiting Straipu.com and making purchases shall be handled as confidential information.
  • Straipu LLC OÜ shall not disclose the information they learn to third parties. If the Client so desires, they have the right to request that their data is erased from the Straipu LLC OÜ database.
  • Encrypted data channel with the banks ensures the safety of the buyer’s data and bank details, Straipu LLC OÜ has no access to this data.