Pure nature, pure design

If you ask, who or what Straipu is, then we can answer that Straipu is a new breathing. Straipu lamp is something that makes your space and your being there exactly right.

Becoming STRAIPU
Straipu grew out from the desire to create. We wanted to create lamps that nobody else has and to make something special, yet long-lasting and would create well-being.  That's how Straipu was started – with a strong will together with timeless and soulful lines.
Our lamps have a clear purpose - to bring coziness and comfort to your rooms from generation to generation. That's why all parts of our lamps from the LED elements  to the adapters are only ROHS certified. To ensure the safety of even the smallest family members, we use only food industry certified oil for finishing Straipu lamps, and low voltage 24V electricity.
Since our lamps are handmade, no lamp is ever 100% identical to another.

The majesty of nature in your home
The inspiration and raw material of Straipu lamps come from the most harmonious space in the world - from the forest. The light of our lamps is so majestic and smooth that it resembles a forest glow.

All of our lamps are made of natural Oak wood or birch plywood, without any visible cables and attachments. Hand craft work together with clear lines gives clear and light appearance to the lamps as characteristic to the Scandinavian design. Thanks to that Straipu lamps are perfect addition also to the most demanding interiors.

Unique design lights on whole world

Straipu LED lamp is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, renewable raw material and high quality, and very user-friendly.